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Amazon Rainforest 3.0, the open lab for technology innovation

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

For new times and new challenges, globalization requires a new development framework for the global economy. In recent years, the Amazon rainforest has faced many threats anchored in political and economic interests, despite the strong legislation leading its protection over the last fifty years.

As we’ve seen in our blog, creating protected areas was crucial for conserving entire ecosystems, their rich biodiversity, climate change mitigation, and the economic development of Brazilian populations. In spite of all the political, industrial, economic, and infrastructure obstacles of the present day, the northern region has been the protagonist of bioeconomy progress, a model of development that prioritizes the balance between economic growth and the sustainable use of natural resources.

A great advance has been made with strong policies for protecting our forests aligned with public-private participation in the conduction of new businesses: sustainable forest management for the acquisition of timber and non-timber products, generation of carbon credits for climate change mitigation, payment for environmental services, policies for agriculture products acquisition, among many others. Still, the protection of our essential ecosystems services and biodiversity is small compared to its potential and to the vast amount of people that want to take part in protecting our humanitarian assets. That’s where MetAmazonia takes action!

A new development path for powering bioeconomy and innovative solutions on WEB3

As the co-founder of Ethereum, Gavin Wood, likes to say: Web3 is the re-imagination of all things we already used the Web for. With Web 3.0 enabling humanity to have an evolved course of connecting, exchanging information, learning, and building in a decentralized and safe way, it became not only an important tool for development but also forged a completely new reality for radically changing the future of our generations.

MetAmazonia is aware of that, being the first climate-tech to bond Web 3.0 and ESG compliance in its business core, and that aims to bring every citizen around the world to be part of the change, by being “phigytally” acting in the Amazon heart. By empowering the world to be aware of the Amazon forest’s importance while being rewarded, and inducing impact at scale, MetAmazonia promises to revolutionalize the conservation economy and Web 3.0 itself.

How? Welcome to the Amazon 3.0

Our background

A purpose-driven mission based on a program of five pillars of action utilizing technology for innovative solutions targeting the Sustainable Development Goals. With over fifteen years of in-loco action alongside traditional communities in the northern region, MetAmazonia is opening a new path for protecting the forests, boosting the bioeconomy, and creating impactful businesses aligned and prepared for the future economy.


We’re not only taking the Amazon to every willing home around the world but also bringing global awareness to the rainforest. It directly provides means for MetAmazonia to act at scale, taking the social, environmental, economic, climate, and technological projects deployed in the region to a whole new level, amplifying the traditional communities' capability of development, and valuing the natural resources and standing forests by creating and managing digital assets backed by physical richness. With enterprises and individuals committed to fighting deforestation, poverty, and climate change, it means MetAmazonia is improving and expanding social and humanitarian action to a magnitude never accomplished before.

Transparency and Monitoring

Understanding the extension of such goal, transparency is a fundamental pillar of our mission. Our Geodatabase is able to store georeferenced data from several sources aiming to build up a digital twin of the Amazon Rio reserve.

The digital twin as a digital representation of reality must show the different aspects of the reserve, like land use and occupation, biomass stock, related carbon credits, biodiversity, and communities’ data. Data may come from fauna and flora inventories, from IoT devices, like weather stations or camera traps, or from specific sources, like eDNA analysis, geoprocessing imagery data, and even manually collected data via geo-enabled devices. We provide real-time monitoring of the Amazon rainforest's ecosystem, including tracking deforestation, wildfire, and other environmental factors that affect the forest's health. This helps our executives, management team, and local communities to make informed decisions to protect the rainforest.

Once in the Geodatabase, data is used for geospatial and temporal analysis, with the objective of improving our understanding of the impacts of different initiatives performed at the reserve, as well as their correlations with environmental variables. By managing data through a digital twin interface, it is possible to perform much richer analysis and have superior insights than by reading reports, tables, or even static maps. In addition, blockchain is one major protagonist in powering transparency to our purpose.

Blockchain and Monetization

Blockchain permits severe transparency over financial transactions and detailed information about the reliability of enterprises, assuring the projects comply with what they affirm and also allowing digital assets like cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other collectibles to fund projects that once were funded only by conventional means.

In synthesis, blockchain will operate as the skeleton of our mission in Web 3 to transform the rainforest, the impact worldwide, and the way businesses are executed. This is Amazon 3.0: wider and public information, integration between many agents on the web, besides public-private-individual partnerships, disruptive forms of investing in impactful projects, innovative monetization of the ecosystem services and products, and building… because our digital twin is also used as a virtual laboratory for testing new technologies and solutions for sustainable development in our reserves and projects.


Fundamentally based on the six pillars of We Are Amazonians, MetAmazonia’s solutions respond to huge global problems that still face difficulties in finding integrated efficient responses. By canalizing the people’s will to help save the Amazon using phygital utilities and experiences, MetAmazonia joins the front line for battling deforestation, poverty, and climate change as the first 3.0 climate-tech bonding the ESG and Web3 worlds. Overall, MetAmazonia has the potential to contribute significantly to the achievement of the SDGs by promoting awareness, fostering collaboration, advancing innovation, and being a platform for impact as a service. By leveraging the unique capabilities of our technology, we can build a better future for our planet and its inhabitants.

Be part of this journey


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