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A new way to conserve the Amazon

Fifteen years of action in the Amazon translated into a limited and exclusive collection!


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A digital asset that represents a real piece of the Amazon Rainforest


What if each of us could preserve a small part?

To promote the conservation of our forests and biodiversity and combat climate change and poverty, we present a collection of 215 artworks.


They are divided into four categories and encompass various sizes and artistic expressions. In addition to expanding our actions in the Amazon region, these groundbreaking digital asset ensure exclusive benefits for those who are among the first to support this journey.


Invest, protect, and engage in this cause for the world's largest tropical rainforest.

There are four sizes, each with different levels of access and benefits

These sizes are: 100m², 1000m², 1 hectare and 10 hectars.


Rakel Caminha

The artworks were created by the Amazonian artist Rakel Caminha, one of the most promising talents in the regional visual arts scene.

Benefits for Collectors


Unique Collectible 

AmaLand is a digital asset collection to call your own, with exclusive benefits for members. One of them is the opportunity to participate in the project.


Reserve Drops 

Inspired by the Amazon's fauna and flora, AmaLand holders will receive drops from another collection, now featuring the animals from our Amazon Rio reserve.

50% de desconto

Exclusive Discounts 

Collectors will have access to discounts at stores, restaurants, cosmetics purchases, and courses, along with other exclusive benefits from MetAmazonia's various partners.


Full Access to the Metaverse

MetAmazonia is the first real-time metaverse of the Amazon Rainforest. By acquiring AmaLand, you'll have a passport to explore our Amazon Rio reserve without leaving your home. (under construction)


Lives that Illuminate

The purchase of a digital artwork represents a donation of a portion of the profits to various socio-environmental projects benefiting 486 Amazonian riverside families. In the first collection 50% of the sale goes to social project

Digital Collectibles that Transform Lives

Metamazonia Inc. is closely connected to the riverside and traditional communities of Manicoré, Amazonas, Brazil. With 15 years of work, we are involved in forest conservation projects and sustainable development initiatives for traditional communities in the Amazon.


We see the digital realm as an opportunity to expand all the work that has been developed over 15 years in the physical world to anyone interested in conservation, aiming to make an impact and benefit from it.

Each AMALAND you purchase will directly support a project requested by one of the 15 communities in our Amazon Rio Reserve. And they can be linked to health, infrastructure, technology, communication, education, among others.

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  • What is MetAmazonia?
    MetAmazonia is an innovative platform, a digital twin from Amazon Rio I, the biggest Private Reserve of Sustainable Development in the Amazon. With the mission to combat deforestation, climate change, and poverty, the platform offers a range of environmental assets, including ESG tokens, carbon credits, and non-timber forest products. We use technologies like AI, Web3, and GIS to promote a "phygital" ecosystem that integrates real and digital experiences, providing an accessible, transparent, and sustainable experience while promoting the development of traditional and riverside communities.
  • Who's behind MetAmazonia ?
    We are part of AmaGroup, a hub of impact-driven companies aligned with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We have created the first Private Sustainable Development Reserve (RPDS) in the Amazon Rainforest. Currently, the on-site operator of the reserve is EBCF, the first company within our group, responsible for all physical operations, implementing projects, and engaging with the local communities on a daily basis. With nearly 15 years of experience in forest conservation and sustainable development of traditional communities in the Amazon, we see the digital realm as an opportunity to expand our work beyond the physical realm, allowing anyone interested to invest, monitor, and engage with our cause. Learn more at:
  • What is AmaGroup?
    AmaGroup is a hub of social enterprises that operates across six different pillars: Environmental, Social, Climate, Economic, Technological, and Governance. Among the companies within the group are: Empresa Brasileira de Conservação de Florestas (EBCF), MetAmazonia Inc, AmaTech, AmaBank, and Amazon Protection Foundation. Each company has a distinct focus and operates within a specific pillar to address various aspects of sustainable development and conservation in the Amazon region.
  • What is RPDS Amazon Rio?
    Amazon Rio is the first Private Sustainable Development Reserve (RPDS) in the history of the Amazon, designated as a perpetual protection area. Located in Manicoré, in the state of Amazonas, it is committed to managing and safeguarding the reserve from potential threats. It is created and managed by EBCF (Empresa Brasileira de Conservação de Florestas), the first company of the AmaGroup. Amazon Rio is home to 15 communities that work alongside Metamazonia Inc. to conserve the standing forest and benefit from the impact projects implemented in the region.
  • How do i join?
    Through AmaLand that is a ESG token, a digital representation of the Amazon rainforest. It represents a small portion of the forest that is identified by a unique set of coordinates (x, y) within the metaverse and the physical world. AmaLand serves as the key to access the metaverse and all its utilities, benefits, and rewards. By transforming the forest into a digital asset, we enable anyone interested in protecting, and engaging with the cause to participate in the movement we are creating.
  • What are the types of AmaLand?
    We have divided the AmaLands into four sizes, each offering different levels of access and benefits. These sizes are: 10 hectares, 1 hectare, 1000m², and 100m².
  • What are the projects funded by MetAmazonia
    Metamazonia Inc. is closely connected to the riverside and traditional communities of Manicoré and develops several projects that contribute not only to climate crisis mitigation but also to the regional economic and social development of the local population. Aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our projects combine efforts to build programs in education, water treatment, sanitation, community internet access, women's empowerment, income generation, sports, leisure, and more. You can find more information about our projects here:
  • What does the Amaland offer to the user?
    In addition to being a valuable asset that transforms you into an agent of change in the fight against poverty, deforestation, and climate change through the conservation of the Amazon rainforest, users will have many utilities and experiences. They can engage in gamified experiences within the Amazon forest, earn rewards such as carbon credits for their involvement in the platform, interact with other users in the comunity, participate in virtual forest science classes, purchase products from various companies in the marketplace, and much more.
  • Why is MetAmazonia a unique ecosystem?
    Today, there is no other digital project connected to a physical area of such magnitude, impact, authority, and credibility. Through our local partners, we have had a long-standing relationship with the municipality and communities for over 20 years. We have been developing serious projects with a focus on conservation and impact for over 15 years. Before being a technology company, we are a company with a very solid physical foundation.
  • How can companies and social enterprises benefit from the Amaland?
    Our product is connected to what we call "Impact as a Service." This means that companies will not only have one ESG token, linking their brand directly to the protection of our forests, biodiversity, and the fight against climate change and poverty, but they will also be involved in a immersive P2E gaming experience, education, leisure, events, tourism, and R&D.
  • What is We are Amazonians?
    "We are Amazonians" is our global sustainability program, and more than that, it is the movement that underlies all our actions and projects. This movement aims for a more regenerative economy, the conservation of the forest as an economic activity, and the preservation of traditional communities as true guardians of the forest. Its objective is to engage more individuals and companies in making a real-world impact through responsible institutions. It is a means of demonstrating the value of a protected Amazon.
  • How can the metaverse tackle climate change?
    Our metaverse is a digital twin of the Amazon Rio Private Reserve, which means we integrate data from the physical world into the digital realm. We believe that creating the metaverse is a way to democratize and make all kinds of information about the world's largest tropical rainforest and its importance in combating climate change accessible to everyone. It serves as a tool to expand upon the work that has been carried out on-site over the past 15 years.
  • How the metaverse is linked to the 17 SDGs?
    Our mission is based on six pillars of action: economic, climate, environmental, social, technological, and governance. Under each of these pillars, we have several projects being implemented in the region, which will be financed through involvement in the metaverse and its digital assets. These projects include forest management, scientific research, carbon initiatives, educational programs, healthcare initiatives benefiting over 400 families, and more. With all the projects under management and study, we are fulfilling 15 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. We co-create these initiatives together with the true guardians of the forest, our valuable partners in achieving our primary objective.
  • How can blockchain be attested as a solution for deforestation?
    With blockchain being a transparent public register network, all conservation projects can be monitored by anyone around the world, assuring that conservation of the land is being executed. Furthermore, blockchain technology allows the tokens creation, enabling digital assets to finance projects in our Private Reserve, providing scalability to the business model.
  • Who lives on the land (RPDS Amazon Rio)?
    Living in the reserve surroundings, 15 local communities hold more than 400 families and over 3000 people living in symbiosis with the forest. They are Democracia, Jatuarana, São José do Miriti, and other villages which, through conservationist practices, are capable of creating income with products and services from the reserve, whereas the biodiversity and threatened forests are protected and the ecosystem resilience respected.
  • What is ESG?
    The acronym ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. ESG represents a set of standards and best practices used to assess if a company is socially conscious, sustainable, and properly managed. It is a way to measure the sustainability performance of an organization, and this standard is linked to goals of meeting a global agenda for impact mitigation. AmaLand provides a means for companies to align with the ESG agenda through a series of impact reports and evidence generated through our on-site work.

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