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MetAmazonia - Radical innovation to save the Amazon Rainforest

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

AMAGROUP is leading a true innovation project by creating a Metaverse in the biggest Private Reserve of the Amazon Rainforest, with the objective to bring transparency, traceability, and scalability to the conservation project.

When Amazon Forest comes to mind, it is no exaggeration to say that everything there is superlative. We’re talking about the biggest rainforest in the world, which holds the most significant watershed on Earth. It is the region with the greatest biodiversity on the planet, with an extremely rich fauna totaling more than 30 million species. All of that in 5,5 million square km. With such expressive numbers, it's easy to comprehend the importance of the Amazon Forest to the quality of air and to the climate regulation of the planet.

However, according to the deforestation alert system from the National Institute of Spatial Research in Brazil (INPE), the deforestation rate in the Amazon forest is increasing. In fact, the deforestation in the Amazon region, in the first two months of 2022, represented 430 square km (166 square miles), an area equivalent to 126 times the size of Central Park in New York. This loss in January and February of this year is more than double the average rate in the entire past decade.

With the mission of fighting deforestation, protecting biodiversity, and sustainably developing riverside communities that live in the Amazon, in mid-2010, AMAGROUP, through EBCF - Brazilian Forest Conservation Company, acquired an area of approximately 20,000 hectares, which had a forest management plan approved by the Government of Amazonas state, and transformed this property into the largest private reserve of the Amazon complex.

Valdenor, a citizen born and raised in the city of Manicoré, state of Amazonas, in the heart of the Amazon.

With a pioneering and innovative business model sustained on 5 pillars - environmental, social, climatic, economic, and technological - EBCF now adds a new layer of technology to its project, transporting to the metaverse both the reserve and the 15 communities present in its surroundings, with the proposal of developing a decentralized platform that democratizes and creates incentive mechanisms for the global community to participate in this effort of conservation and sustainable development collectively.

EBCF Carbon Project registered with VERRA, the main international platform for emission reduction projects, will also be integrated into MetAmazonia, with the 2.2 million tons of CO2 that the project estimates to reduce, as well as the non-wood assets present in the reserve, the socio-environmental projects and collected data by the company in the last years, such as fauna and flora data collection executed, and the demographic census in the communities, which when combined to satellite imagery, drone data and sensor systems, accurately depict the entire reserve in a photorealistic way.

Projeto Alicerce + EBCF

The several programs and projects that are currently implemented by EBCF in the fields of education, health, income generation, infrastructure, women empowerment, technology, and scientific research, and that meet 15 of the 17 SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals - of the UN, will have more visibility and may be expanded in a scaled manner through this model of "fractional, shared and gamified ownership" that MetAmazonia will provide. "This is another benefit leveraged by MetAmazonia's technology, which will make it easier for other institutions to meet their goals within the SDGs and thus contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive world", says the founder and president of AMA Group, Leonardo Barrionuevo.

MetAmazonia is a next-gen photorealistic 3D metaverse, designed on the UNREAL engine, the same technology used by movies, series, and games, such as The Mandalorian, Fortnite, Planet of the Apes, Matrix, and others.

MetAmazonia Gameplay

"MetAmazonia was projected to make a difference using blockchain to ensure transparency, security, and scalability to forest conservation. The Metaverse is a powerful tool to integrate accessibility and education with the power of the Amazon forest, creating a disruptive approach to the role of technology in fighting climate change, poverty, and deforestation," highlights Barrionuevo."

This is an innovative and daring project that breaks down geographical barriers and democratizes access to the forest, amplifying knowledge and the importance of this precious ecosystem, and promoting sustainable development for traditional communities.


The launch of MetAmazonia took place between October 10 and 14, during GITEX GLOBAL 2022, in Dubai. It is the largest and most inclusive technology fair of the digital economy in the world and is recognized for presenting to the market the main technological transformations of today. The event brough together about 4,000 technology companies and startups from more than 170 countries.

About AMA Group

AMA Group is an international conglomerate of enterprises composed of an ecosystem of Greentech social enterprises and fintech dedicated to fighting climate change, poverty, and deforestation, and protecting biodiversity through environmental assets, services and products, new technologies, and digital assets. For the next 30 years, it aims to protect 5 million hectares of native forests in the Amazon Rainforest - an area the size of the United States - by promoting the sustainable development of 1 million traditional families and reducing approximately 1 billion tons of CO2 emissions. Find out more in: -

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