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Projects Dashboard

Here at this dashboard you can find how is the project progress regarding the AmaLand sale. When the project is red, we didn't sell any token, when it is yellow we already startet to sale and the green status is that the project is being implemented.

Tech House Democracia

Classe computador

The project is "Tech House Democracy," which will revitalize the computer lab in the Democracia community, opening up a range of didactic and pedagogical possibilities for the students of the school. It will provide a facilitating and stimulating environment, motivating critical reflection, the pursuit of knowledge, and fostering continuous learning and student independence.

Through this project, we benefit the students of the Municipal School Sagrado Coração de Jesus, serving the communities of Democracia, Pandegal, Vista Alegre, Santa Eva, Jatuarana, Terra Preta do Ramal, and Kamaiwá.

Water for All

Captura de Tela 2023-12-12 às 15.24.18.png

The project  "Water for All Urucury." It involves the donation of water filters and aims to provide clean drinking water to the riverside population of Urucury, with the purpose of preventing diseases, improving family health, and enhancing comfort and well-being.


The filter distribution includes transportation, training, and support for installation. This project serves all 23 families in the Urucury community.

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