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Join us on a journey to save the Amazon rainforest!

Win an Amaland NFT and

trip to the Amazon




Sign up for the whitelist

Secure your exclusive access to the first batch of AMALAND NFT and be entered into a drawing to win a free Amaland plot



Get your Amaland, enter the metaverse and become a part of the movement

Be part of the White List, engage your network with our community

Participate in challenges and activities

Spread the word and be a part of the change



Challenge winners will be invited to be our guests in the real world reserve Amazon Rio 1

Come experience the nature and wonder of the real life reserve in Brazil

( and of course, we will fully offset transportation costs through our carbon credit program)

White List Advantages

By registering on the White List you will be part of an exclusive and limited list of people engaged with the new era of sustainable development. 

Be a metaverse pioneer and a genesis owner of AMALAND

50% off Amaland NFTs for a limited time


Just by signing up for the White List you are entered to win a free AMALAND NFT plot

Join our community challenges to enter to win an eco trip to our reserve in the Amazon Rainforest

Join us on a journey to save the Amazon rainforest


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